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Old Highway 99

Back in the late 90's, when the web was still a toddler, we had this crazy idea: put the major highways of BC on video and on the web so people could 'travel' the spaces between the cities and towns and see what the territory really looked like.
Of course we were biting off more than we could chew :) And the web just wasn't there yet ... Google maps / earth and YouTube did not exist yet.
But we tried a few driving videos just to see how it might be done ... this is the one that survived from that effort.

In it you are leaving the Stawamus Chief (just south of Squamish) and heading to West Vancouver. We placed a camcorder on the dash and drove. There's one stop along the way to adjust the camera position.
This is Highway 99 before the Olympics caused the major upgrades ... think of this as a little time capsule.

The video got captured in one format and converted a couple of times ... it's a bit messy.
The audio was my first attempt at 'composing' a soundtrack in the Vegas program using the sample loops that came with it. (I find myself doing the same thing now with the Acid program :) Got to have copyright free audio ...

In real time this trip took nearly a half hour. The one below takes just over 2 minutes ... just click on the path to watch the video.
WARNING: if your stomach is easily disturbed by thrill rides you might not want to watch this ...
(Oh yeah ... that effort to create something to allow people to see BC form the driver's point of view? We were going to call it DriveBC ... a name the provincial gov't scooped up ...

Squamish to West Van

Have trouble viewing the video in the map above?
Here it is by itself.

Old Highway 99