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Highway 3

My town is located on Highway 3 in BC. We are told it's the 2nd busiest highway in western Canada.
If we want to visit any other city in BC we have to head out on this highway in the east or west directions. So I get to drive it ... a lot actually for someone who is not driving professionally.
And that might mean you'll see some duplication or overlap. Some of that is unintentional but I'm hoping to show, over time, the same roads at different times of year and in different conditions. Just driving in BC can be thrilling and scary when the weather is not cooperating. Or the drivers are being a**holes. There are too many of them out there ... one of them killed my wife on the highway.
What I'll show you on this page is a short drive from here, Grand Forks, to the next community to the east - Christina Lake. That drive takes you through the 'sunshine valley' that GF is located in. It is one of a small number of east-west valleys in the Rockies - most valleys here go north-south. So it gets a lot of sunshine ...
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Drive to Christina Lake

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GF to Christina Lake

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