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High Speed Drives

These drives have the speed multiplier turned up above 4.
The road and scenery start to stream by when the speed gets so far up.
At some points the effective speed is around the speed of sound ... on mountain roads :)
As in other videos the sound track was crated in Sony's Acid program.
If you don't like the audio then turn off the sound and replace it with something more to your liking )

This first one is the first one I did. You can see were the camera was located ... right on the nose of the car.

Drive up the Granby

This next one is the other half of the loop - back to Grand Forks on the North Fork Road.

Drive down the North Fork

And if you had trouble viewing the videos in the maps above, we have just the videos below.
Up the Granby heading North ...

Up Granby Road

And the North Fork:

Down the North Fork