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One of the things that can happen when you're driving on the highway is wildlife.
This video shows that pretty clearly.
We were coming back from a day of driving - the Bridesville to Rock Creek video was shot earlier that day. We were in the SUV and the camera was mounted outside on the nose of the truck. Front and top-centre.
Darkness had fallen and the SUV's lights had come on automatically. We were just entering our home valley coming around a long curve on Spencer Hill ... in a bend the headlight pool shows you far less of what's ahead than on the straightaways. The road is on a hillside and on our side it drops away so a deer a few feet beyond the edge abutments might be down below the sight line.
Where ever it was before it appeared in my headlights I can't say - I did not see it until it was far too late to react. And there was traffic behind me that I didn't want to pile into my back end so I wasn't too crazy with the brakes (ABS didn't even come on). You can see these oh so helpful souls as they whiz by our obvious accident scene ...
This was not something I wanted to happen - I don't hunt anything with weapons (or cars). And I can count on one hand the number of times I've been responsible for an animal's death.
This f*#!ked up my head for days ... and now when I have to drive the highways at night I'm extra defensive.

Deer Collision Video