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A dip into YouTube Annotations

posted Nov 7, 2010, 11:15 AM by Les Johnson
Yesterday I added Annotations to a youtube video for the first time. (see the video embedded in the map in the Kaslo to New Denver page)
It's simple ... and it's giving me ideas.
Like: When one video drive comes to a place where another one starts I could put in a Pause annotation with a text annotation that has a link to the 'other' drive should the 'rider' wish to take it. If they simply wanted to resume the drive they are on (provided it has not ended) they would just hit play ... and off they go.
But if they hit the link they would switch to the new drive ... haha - I can make this happen.
It's not that far removed from my original  crazy idea of over a decade ago: get the highway system online and let the visitors choose which road to take and in what order and direction.