What I'm trying to give you here is a central location where you can see the fruits of my labour - maps with travel routes pathed in and driving videos embedded in them. At this point (late Oct 2010) even though I mark my google maps as public - they don't show up anywhere! So this is what I'm forced to resort to. (Okay I really wanted to play with Sites also :)

Almost all the videos you will see here were shot with a GoPro Hero SDWide camera. (I got mine from PointOfViewCameras.ca) It's a neat little rig with lots of mounting options. The housing is tough and waterproof to far deeper than I'll ever go! The 170 degree wide angle of view means that your bumpy rides don't screw up the video too much. It shoots small video (512x384) and if the sun is in view it becomes a black hole. Audio through the housing ain't that good. I don't care :) IT works fine by ME.

WARNING: As of this writing (late Oct/2010) the popup video window is sized correctly in the most recent versions of Chrome, FireFox and Opera. MS Internet Explorer does not display correctly so try one of the others if you have 'em. I haven't tried to view them with Safari. 

Some of the videos have the camera mounted on the nose of the vehicle, out there with the bugs. Other videos have the camera on the inside of the windshield. Depends on the weather mostly.

The map below is my first attempt at combining data from two maps together. The two paths are the route we traveled and if you click on them you should be able to view the youtube video of the drive.

country roads